Posted on Aug 03, 2019
Our annual Back 2 School project continues to be one of our most successful projects. Our members and volunteers prepare a day full of fun and educational activities for a selected group of children. Each year it is evident that the children enjoy this day to the fullest. This project usually takes place in August, prior to the start of the new school year. The goals of the project were to provide 30 kids with a back to school package. Basically prepare them for the coming school year and new challenges they are about to face as teenagers.

We did a community needs assessment and have changed the target group this year for the 27th edition of this project. Usually we focussed on elementary school children, this year we focussed on less fortunate children between the ages of 8-14.

This was an External project the benefactors of this project are parents/families of said tweens/kids, the nation benefits indirectly, on the long run, foreseeing more educated citizens.

No other Organizations were involved in this project besides our sponsors.

The project had help from the Interact Club and Rotary Club of Aruba (gift packing day and event day).

In contrast to previous years, this year we had a different target group, namely kids between ages 8-14.  As well what was   different is the event itself, besides collecting in the community for supplies, we also organized a more elaborate event day.

During the months of July and August our members & volunteers reached out to the community for donations. By doing this   the club was able to collect a range of different school supplies necessary for the packages the kids will be receiving. In the   meantime the committee in charge of organizing this project planned an elaborate event day.


The event day this year consisted of 34 kids between the ages of 8-14 and started of with Futura Lab. All the kids were picked up at home by club members upon arrival at Futura Lab they were served breakfast together with the club members and volunteers. During the morning the kids received a presentation and learned about informative programs like Hour of Code, Mindflex, Makey Makey & a VR Escape Room. For the second year in collaboration with Kok Optica all the kids received a preliminary eye check up, the kids that need glasses received one before the school year started.










The day continued with a bus ride to Palm Beach with De Palm Tours so that everyone can go aboard a catamaran by Red Sail Aruba. Members, volunteers and the group of kids had a chance to snorkel and enjoy the sea under supervision of the Red Sail Aruba crew. At lunch everyone enjoyed a delicious BBQ by Aruba Wine and Dine.

The success of this project is possible by members and volunteers that were able to collect, prepare and organize a day for the 34 kids. All 34 kids present received a school backpack containing school supplies, uniform, care packages from Compra N.V., and also a gift certificate from Super Shopping. With the donation received from customers at Dyon Center and sponsors, the club was able to supply an additional 44 kids with different school packages with necessary school supplies.