We cleaned a 2km span of the coastline of Aruba, with 71 persons, brought awareness about marine life protection with the cleanup. Also awareness on the effects of plastic and non compostable items on the marine life. A 3 yard truck with trash was collected from this beach on this day. 
The 2018 Aruba Reef Care Foundation has organized a yearly underwater reef and beach clean-up for 24 years consecutively. The purpose of the project was to raise awareness and funds to further protect Aruba’s marine environment. “Protecting what we love” was this year’s motto and we were part of a joint effort with the Rotaract members, prospects, Interact members, volunteers, guests and most importantly, the Rotary Club of Aruba. Joining this project greatly impacted the entire Aruban community as well as the tourist industry, by maintaining one of our most prized landmarks on the island clean and protected. 
The 2018 Aruba Reef Care Project was successfully executed through the help of all the participants within our group. There were 71 participants in attendance on Sunday, September 30th, 2018 from 8:30 a.m.-11:30 a.m. that lent a hand in cleaning up Bachelor’s beach of all its trash including bottles, cups, clothes, plastic, glass and many items that were left or washed up on the beach. The participants were encouraged to bring their own sunglasses, hats, closed-toed shoes, reusable water bottles, sand filters, trash-pickers, gardening tools/gloves, and best of all, a positive attitude.  
By executing this project with the Interact Club of Aruba and Rotary Club of Aruba we stimulate the We R District 7030 Mantra for this year by working together, as well linked to our club theme Growing together and Be the inspiration by being hands on and people of action in the benefit of our environment and community by providing awareness for the cause at hand.