Our theme for this year is Mental Health in Business: “Body. Mind. Soul”.

The concept of Body, Mind, Soul. recognizes that all three aspects are interconnected and influence each other. The seminar emphasized the importance of addressing and nurturing each aspect to achieve overall well-being and balance in life. This concept is often used in various contexts, including personal development, wellness, spirituality, and self-care, to promote an approach to human health and well-being in the workforce.

Topic: Body - Sandy Roga, one of Aruba's chiropractitioners, will touch the subject of the Nervous System and how this relates to our Mental Health personally and at work. 
Topic: Mind - Shanti, Mindfulness at Work Trainer, will touch the subject of stress at work and provide techniques to cope with stress. 
Topic: Soul - Anthony Martina, Entrepreneur and Storyteller, will touch on the subject of hardships at work and personal life and how he overcame it. 
Mauro Caralps, from the Self-Making Podcast, will guide the audience, speakers and panelists. 
Virtual Guide: 
Mingli Chung, Business Coach, will also be guiding the audience through virtual pop ups throughout the event, providing an event flow and wise words. 
Luenne Pieters, Managing Director of DIMP, she will provide the panel with her story as a mom, director, and MBA student and how she overcomes hardships in her professional life. 
Veer Alwani, from Becoming Veer, will provide the panel with his story as an transgender man and how that affects his mental health at work.
Diana Salcedo, practising psychologist, will provide her professional opinions on Mental Health at work and personal life.