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Rotaract Club of Aruba
Fantastic Garden


Hi ALL! Please Join us at our first GM of the Board Year 2020!


1. Opening

2. Announcements 

3. Board year 2020-2021 & Recruitment Committees

4. Discussion & Voting: Rotaract Max. Age limit entry (Option 1: 30 yrs. Option 2: 32 yrs. Option 3: Open for discussion)

5. Project update: Back To School + collections

6. Project update: You Inc.

7. Free Word 

8. Closing 

Rotaractors: we will be voting during this meeting and as per bylaws we need quorum (2/3 of membership with voting rights) to pass a motion. Please be in attendance for this meeting unless you are indisposed.
Please confirm your attendance by Wednesday July 08