The Goal of The Graduation Project is to assist the senior students of Filomena college Mavo and Abraham de Veer School with extra guidance during their final high school year.

 It was originally started when the club was approached by Filomena College Mavo  to hold a motivation session seeing the low success rate the school has been having during the past years. During the years of executing this project, together with the teachers, parents and students themselves the school has managed to raise the success rate of the amount of graduates. We took Abraham de Veer MAVO this year as they had the lowest graduation scores on the island, due to this community and school need assessment we are providing these sessions throughout the year for the students.


Each session is a combination of members, Rotarians or expert in the field who come inspire the kids and share useful tips for the kids. Tips can be related to how to tackle nervousness, how to plan your study time, how to keep concentrated, aim for the future.


For this session we did a brief recap to see who made use of our advice for when studying. In additional, we focused on providing motivation and tips on breaking bad habit. In addition, we did an exercise with them to calculate their grade. As such, they are able to plan on which subject they need to invest more attention to.